The Holidays are coming…the holidays are coming

October 26, 2010 at 8:30 pm Leave a comment

The HOLIDAYS are coming…be afraid, be very afraid! Why do people get so crazy over the holidays? I think it’s the “mob mentality”.  We all do as the “mob” does. It takes a wakeup to break away from the mob and do as YOU want to do.   I love getting up @ 3am on black friday. I love being with the people, waiting in the lines, joking, sharing coffee’s, laughing. I go for the good deals but it does make me sick when the same person I was just laughing with acts totally out of character for an inanimate object made in China! If I get a good deal than yay for me, if not…oh well! It was fun to hang out with people I don’t know and do something different. In all honesty though, I have to remind myself of who I am and my beliefs when I’m in that crowd. Do you get stressed during the holidays? Maybe we should all take a step back and remember what it is that’s important in our lives. Remind yourself, pray, meditate on keeping first things first. We love to have family traditions, nothing major just fun little things we do. We also try to add a new tradition a few years or if one doesn’t work very well, we scrap it. When the boys were little we would take a stack of magazines and make “if money were no object” cards. We would make a card for each person and cut out pics of items we would want to give the other person. We always had fun with it. They always showed how much we really knew each other. We don’t go overboard with “things” during Christmas, instead we love each other and try to give of ourselves. It takes a focused, calm heart to not follow the mob during this time of year. 

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