**Thrifty Thursday on Saturday…CANCEL YOUR CABLE!!

November 20, 2010 at 8:49 pm Leave a comment

I am STOKED!! When Doug lost his job last year we ditched cable tv to cut back on all of our expenses. Tv has not been fun since. We live next to Mt. Pleasant here in Lancaster and nothing comes in. On the rare occasion that we have a channel come in, somewhat clearly, it simply takes a truck to drive by and we are scrambled once again. Needless to say, our tv has not heard graceful language over the last year. Since Doug went back to work I have been tempted to go back to cable or satellite or anything…but I promised myself that we needed to be out of debt first. Until I happened to come across this site: http://www.cancelcable.com/  This site is awesome! Tells you everything you need to know about ditching that satellite/cable monthly bill!.

So here is what we have done:

1. Bought a Roku Player and Digital Antenna (that’s hooked up in our attic)

2. Signed up for Netflix($9.99 per month)

3. Sit back and enjoy the tv once again!!!

Seriously! The one thing that we did hate about cable, besides the monthly bill, was the fact that we would sit down and watch anything just because it was on. We always had to wait for our favorite shows to be on. NO MORE!!! Now we get to watch Hulu.com, YouTube.com, yep pretty much what we want to watch and WHEN we want to watch it!!! I’m officially LOVIN’ IT!!!

Our total Cost:

$99 for the Roku player (www.roku.com)

$35 for the HD Antenna

We will be paying $9.99 per month for Netflix

So for $120 per year, we get all of our favorite shows, movies, and many extra’s.  We also went to Bestbuy and they do have some really neat digital players and tv’s that have the digital capability already built-in. We simply didn’t have an extra $1500 for the tv or $300 for the neat tv web browsers.

***Update 11/21/10::: If all you want to used is Netflix, there are cheaper ways than to get this box. This box allows you to use Netflix, Hulu (for all of the regular tv shows), and many, many other websites for streaming video and radio. I’ve been asked if you can watch current football games (OH..) , and my answer is… I’m not totally sure yet? We have found a ton, just not  a current way to watch live sports…ie. that’s what we also have the antenna for. Live news, weather, sports.

Ok…so here is the totally FREE way to do this whole thing! Go to: http://www.boxee.tv/  Download the software and walla!!! you have instant tv with nearly everything from around the globe to watch!!!


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