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*Thrifty Thursday* Fun Freebie & have stress free Holidays

I hope everyone out there in “blog land” is doing well this week!  Are ya relaxin a little? Takin good care of yourself? What? You say your stressin over the holidays? Well, say no more! Several years ago a friend got me hooked on I am still a “flybaby” and proud of it! Maybe one day I’ll move up the ladder but I can be a slow learner sometimes. This is a great site to help you get and stay organized, even when my A.D.D. is kickin in?!? If you need help with running the household you can find ideas and how-to’s here! It has been invaluable tool for the Karoly house. They are giving away a totally free book this month too!

Go to: Click on the “well-being for dummies” and fill out your info for this totally free, totally awesome book.

Are you making any gifts for the holidays? Need some ideas? Here are a few websites that you can get lost in for all the ideas you can handle! These are my very favorites!

Last but not least…

There are many, many more sites…if you have a favorite, please share it!


A few weeks ago I blogged about our Roku player and how we use it instead of Cable or Satalite tv. We have had it working wonderfully for this whole time! In fact, I’m thinking this has got to make cable a little nervous. It really is a great thing! We have had no problems getting exactly what we want to watch, when we want to watch it. We are debating about hooking HuluPlus up and that would cost $7.99 per month, but I’m waiting to see if there is another way to watch current episodes of cable shows. We are still getting caught up from last years episodes that we have missed through Netflix, that may take us awhile. Loving YouTube and other websites on our Tv! Anyone else out there have this or another streaming player? Let me know what you think of yours.


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*TooT Tuesday* Upcycled Notebooks and Book Christmas tree

I have a few teens on my Christmas list this year. They always seem to be the hardest to come up with ideas for me. I made these personal, upcycled notebooks last year and they loved them. Ok, so maybe a few adults will be getting them this year…we’ll have to see who’s on the good list. They are really simple and cheap to make. Actually, they are kind of addicting! Here is all you need:

  • Cereal boxes, record covers, vhs covers…if it’s made of cardboard, your good!
  • Paper cutter
  • Zutter book binder (or anyother kind of book binder)
  • no bookbinder? Office Max binds books inexpensively

We all like to decorate for Christmas! These days who has the money to spend on all those fancy decorations? I would rather make most of my own anyway…get the kidos help and you all can whip up one of these great Christmas tree books!  As  a kid I remember making phone book Christmas tree’s, where you fold the pages back and then add paint and glitter till your heart is content. These are simular, only difference is your cutting instead of folding.  All you need to do  is cut a template out of a closed book. Dab some paint and glitter, after its been cut, on the cut ends. Glue the front and back pages together…and whalla!  You have yourself a pretty little tabletop Christmas tree. Leave it like that or dress it up a little, the kiddos will love helping decorate it!

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